To join the Young Actors Guild, simply print out the Complete Membership and Medical form, (Linked below) fill it out, and then bring it to the next membership meeting along with $35 dues. Or send us $35 through our PayPal account! (Below)

This payment entitles a single young person between the ages of 8 and 18 to full membership of the organization, including attendance of all our meetings and workshops, extra activities and parties, and auditions, for the remainder of the current season.

YAG at the Texas Nonprofit Theatre Youth Conference, June 2019

Parties who are interested in joining the Young Actors Guild, but would like to try it out first, are permitted to attend 2 membership meetings before needing to pay membership fees.

Vera consoles Agnes. She Kills Monsters, October 2019

Adult Board Applicants

Hello to our amazing YAG family! We are looking for adult volunteers for our 2020-2021 Young Actors Guild Adult Board of Directors! If you're a parent, fan, or just looking to teach youth and nurture the art of theatre... Here's what you need to know!


-Must be age 18+ or have finished your senior year of high school

-Must be willing to attend digital or in person meetings on the 3rd Tuesday of each month

-Must care about YAG and love our students!

As an adult board member, your main responsibilities would be to mentor your youth counterpart, make sure deadlines are met, and help with tasks that the youth cannot do on their own. Keep in mind, this is a YOUTH RUN organization! Your job is to be there and support 💙

Positions available are:


Vice President



Head of Fundraising

Head of House and Hospitality

Head of Publicity and Promotion 

Member at Large

If interested, please answer the questions below and email them to by July 17th!

YAG Adult Board of Directors application 2020-2021


What is your name?


Are you interested in any particular office(s) on the Adult Mentor Board, and if so, which ones?


What experience do you have in theater or administration that might help you fill a certain role or roles on the Adult Mentor Board?


What experience do you have working with/educating young people that might help you in the process of mentoring a youth board officer? 


Thank you for your application! the youth board of directors will get back to you shortly!

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