What is the Young Actors Guild?

McKinney Repertory Theatre's Young Actors Guild (or YAG) was established March 3, 2009 and currently serves over 80 young people in Collin County. The goals of the Young Actors Guild are to show children how important they are whether their endeavors are onstage, behind the curtain, or as supporters of the arts; and to offer this opportunity to all children. YAG is truly run by the members and every show is produced by the youth. Four shows are produced every year. The youth, with the assistance of adult mentors, choose the shows, design and build sets, contribute to stage direction, run lights and sound, create marketing and plan fundraisers, perform in the productions, and manage the front-of-house operations. 


When the show is over and the curtain comes down, the youth will be able to take full credit for the success of their production. The theatre experience they will gain is more than some high school students currently receive. Self-esteem, self-confidence, and practical knowledge are the true fruits of their labor.


The Young Actors Guild is special in its strategies for giving students a quality experience for low cost. The annual fee for members is 35 dollars, with no additional fees of any kind. Many youth theatre organizations in the area charge ten times this amount. We aim to offer quality theatre to these students with very little expense to their families. When a student feels like they are an important part of a group or ensemble, they develop a deeper sense of responsibility and pride that translates into many other areas of life. Theatre can be a powerful influence, helping our children become future leaders and contribute to the world. Theatre is a gift to the community.


The cast of King Arthur and the Shoppes At Camelot pose for a photo, July 2019

Board of Directors

The Young Actors Guild is led and operated by two Boards of Directors working in tandem to ensure the success of our mission: The Youth Board handle day-to-day tasks and make most decisions about the direction of the organization, while the Adult Board advises and mentors the Youth Board, as well as handling financial matters and other issues that require the assistance of a legal adult. YAG elects its Youth Board by membership vote each year, and the Adult Board members are appointed by majority vote of the Youth Board.

Youth Board Members
President: Stephanie Divoky

Vice-President: Izzie Kelley
Treasurer: Office 

Secretary: Eleanor McCalpin
Head of House and Hospitality: Jaci Ussery

Head of Fundraising: Office Vacant

Head of Publicity and Promotion: Ellie Kelley

Member at Large: Office Vacant

Adult Board Members

President: Julie McCalpin
Vice-President: Michelle Divoky

Treasurer: Tabathia Kelley
Secretary: Office Vacant
Head of House and Hospitality: Bekah Ussery
Head of Fundraising: Office Vacant
Head of Publicity and Promotion: Office Vacant
Member at Large: Office Vacant

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Workshop Leaders

Lindsey Humphries

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Stephanie Divoky

Julie McCalpin

Mike Hathaway

2020-2021 Directors


Lena Eccles

Bekah Ussery

Kenneth McCalpin

Katie Borg


Vicki Ireland

Tina Sanchez

Tabby Kelley 

Michelle Patti 

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Rebekah Ussery

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