The Cast of First Person Shooter at the TNT Youth Conference in Baytown, Texas, June 2017

The Adventures of Rose Red
(Snow White's Less Famous Sister)
Performances: July 13th at 7:30pm, July 14th at 3:00pm and 7:30pm, and July 15th at 3:00pm
Tickets: $12 for adults, $8 for students and senior citizens, and $6 for YAG members! Click [here] to buy tickets!

Rose Red has grown up surrounded by fame. She's just turned 13, and it seems like everyone she knows is desperate to get famous. Her sister Snow White is one of the most famous people ever, but she can't even have dinner with her family without reporters and paparazzi breaking down the door to ask endless questions! Rose Red doesn't want that kind of life, but everyone seems to assume it's the path she'll follow. Can she find her own kind of happy ending?

Our Next Meeting
Join us at our next meeting, 6-8pm on July 10th, for an inside look at a Tech Week Rehearsal for Rose Red!


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2017-2018 Season

Smile, it Good for You/First Person Shooter - November 10-11

30 Reasons Not to be in a Play - February 16-18

The Tempest - April 26-28

The Adventures of Rose Red: Snow White's Less-Famous Sister - July 13-15